The official towns of the Isle of Man are:


The official villages of the Isle of Man are:

Other settlements

Other notable settlements, with no official status, are:


The sheadings (Manx: sheadin (singular), sheadinyn (plural)) of the Isle of Man are:


The parishes (Manx: skeerey (singular), skeeraghyn (plural)) of each sheading of the Isle of Man are:

  • Ayre
    • Andreas (Andreas / Skeerey Andreas)
    • Bride (Breeshey / Skeerey Vreeshey)
    • Lezayre (Creest ny h-Ayrey / Skeerey Chreest ny h-Ayrey)
  • Garff
    • Lonan (Lonan / Skeerey Lonan)
    • Maughold (Maghal / Skeerey Maghal)
    • Onchan (Connaghyn / Skeerey Chonnaghyn)
  • Glenfaba
    • German (Carmane / Skeerey Charmane)
    • Patrick (Perick / Skeerey Pherick)
  • Michael
    • Ballaugh ((Balley ny Loghy / Skeerey Valley ny Loghey))
    • Jurby (Jorby / Skeerey Jorby)
    • Michael (Maayl / Skeerey Maayl)
  • Middle
    • Braddan (Braddan / Skeerey Braddan)
    • Marown (Marooney / Skeerey Marooney)
    • Santon (Stondane / Skeerey Stondane)
  • Rushen
    • Arbory (Cairbre / Skeerey Chairbre)
    • Rushen aka Kirk Christ Rushen (Rosien / Skeerey Rosien)
    • Malew (Malew / Skeerey Malew)


The only mountain of the Isle of Man is:

Neighbouring countries

The neighbouring countries of the Isle of Man are: